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Friday, March 25, 2022

New zine from Arthur Hlavaty

Arthur Hlavaty aka Supergee is now 80 but the prominent SF fan (a multiple Hugo nominee for "best fan writer") and RAW fan continues to publish his ish, releasing his latest, Nice Distinctions 34, available as a PDF.

The zine consists largely of aphorisms and short asides first released on the Internet such as on this blog. Here were some of my favorites from the new issue: 

[On media fandom] I miss the good old days when being a geek required one to be able to read.


Someone on a blog said that Robert Heinlein is now less important in the field because good movies haven’t been made from his books. To me that says something terrible about the field.


Proposed: All members of Congress should be required to provide the public with as detailed an account of their assets as any person applying for a welfare program has to provide, and the account should be on their .gov webpage.


Cosmic Trigger; The Play_ was delightful and reminded me that I am not all that’s left of the Illuminatus! Nut Cult.

EFanzines, by the way, has a whole archive of Hlavaty zines.  Efanzines as a whole is worth a look if you like fanzines. William Breiding has an excellent zine called Portable Storage; the latest issue has my article on libertarians in science fiction fandom. also has fanzines. 


Eric Wagner said...

I agree that the lack of quality movies based on Heinlein books has helped to reduce his popularity.

supergee said...

Thanx for the mention