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Friday, April 23, 2021

Twitter notes

Unsplash photo by Claudio Schwartz (@purzlbaum on Twitter)

Using Twitter as a kind of headline service to find out what's going on is one of the best ways to use the service, I think. And one way to use Twitter to keep up with the news is to put together a curated list. If a list is public, you can bookmark it and follow it without having a Twitter account.  But if you have a Twitter account, you can save a list, making it easy to follow. Here are a few Twitter notes, in case anyone else is interested.

My RAW list, a public list I put together,  follows just four accounts: @RAWilson23 by Bobby Campbell, which reports RAW news including postings on this blog; @RAWSemantics which publicizes the RAW Semantics blog; @TheRAWTrust, the official account for the Robert Anton Wilson Trust, and @RAWArchives, for Martin Wagner's RAW Archives site. I don't always have much time for Twitter, but this is the list I check every day.

If I have more time, I also look at my Calm and Insight list, which is where I put many Twitter accounts that, at least in my mind, are related to Robert Anton Wilson. But I also include a few unrelated accounts, simply because I am interested in them. So, for example, I use the list to follow science fiction writer and historian Ada Palmer and Roman Britain News (because I like looking at old Roman buildings, forts, roads etc. in Britain.) 

I also have an Illuminate list meant to be of interest to Robert Anton Wilson fans, but I haven't been updating it; these days, when I notice something of interest, I put it in the Calm and Insight list. There is a lot of overlap between those two lists.

You can browse my other lists, but at the end of the day, they are set up for me. Not everyone cares, for example, how the Cleveland Indians are doing. 

I also look at Toby Philpott's Maybe Art list, which follows many accounts that could interest RAW fans. For some of you, Toby's list will be more interesting than any of mine. 

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