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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Notes on the contributors for the new RAW book


As I mentioned yesterday, the new Hilaritas Press edition of Sex, Drugs & Magick: A Journey Beyond Limits has an unusual number of additional pieces, from eight different people. I thought it might be useful to tell you a bit about each one and offer links to find out more. Checking out their music etc. should keep me busy for awhile. 

Grant Morrison

The comic book writer and author of The Invisibles.   Prop Anon interviewed him about Illuminatus! and other RAW topics. You can follow him on Twitter. 

Damien Echols

Damien Echols is a ceremonial magician. You can find him on Twitter and also he has a Patreon account.

Phil Farber

Philip Farber is the author of many books on magick; you can browse his titles on Amazon

Cat Vincent

Ian "Cat" Vincent is a British magician and writer, mentioned quite a few times on this blog; you can for example read my 2016 interview with him and listen to an interesting recent podcast.  He is active on Twitter. 

Rodney Orpheus

Rodney Orpheus is musician known for his band The Cassandra Complex but notice also his book Abrahadabra: Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thelemic Magic. He also is active on Twitter.

Andrew O'Neill

Andrew O'Neill is a British comedian, musician, presenter and writer.  On Twitter, but also check out the Patreon account. 

Alexis Mincolla

Singer in the band 3Teeth. He also is on Twitter. And you can find him on Patreon.

Arden Leigh

Lead singer for Arden and Wolves and for Prospertine. Follow on Twitter. Also, do yourself and favor and check out this music video, which I couldn't really explain at the time. 

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