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Saturday, April 24, 2021

New Bodge is out

The Discordian folk at the Liverpool Arts Lab has released the new issue of Bodge. As usual you can purchase a paper copy or download the PDF; get it here. 

The new issue is accompanied by a statement:

"Happy 23rd. Welcome to the 4th issue of Bodge, lovingly crafted for you by 32 creative souls. That 32 more pages of original writing, poetry, art, provocations and experiments. We delighted to say, this issue also contains the return of the Lost Doctor.

"Over the last couple of months we’ve had a few enquiries about submitting to Bodge. Thank you for getting in touch. The concept of Bodge is to provide a communication channel for a fixed group of people for one year, to see what happens. Its an experiment. All of our contributors signed up in January and we want to keep space for them to develop their ideas. For this reason, we wont be accepting additional submissions. We hope you’ll understand.

"However, if Bodge is stimulating your creative energies, that fantastic. Please, please think about starting your own zine. You only need a handful of souls to get it off the ground, and it really is worth the effort. There is a shed-load of beauty and wisdom, magick and madness within you that needs to get out into the world. Open a portal and let it come through. Find the others and invite them to join you on your trip – that’s what we did and look what happened! We’re showing you ours. We’d love to see yours."

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