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Friday, April 2, 2021

'Nutopia' RAW show is a must watch

Clockwise from top left, Michelle Olley, Rasa, Daisy Eris Campbell and Christina Pearson in a globe-spanning show. 

I didn't get to see the Journey to Nutopia "RAW Power" show when it was live last Sunday; when I converted the time to my time zone in the U.S., I realized it would be in the middle of a busy workday, so I reluctantly refrained from buying a ticket. But the Nutopia folks have kindly posted the video (about one hour, 47 minutes) and it's a must watch for RAW fans. 

The broadcast's host is Michelle Olley (it was nice to finally see her). It features Kate Alderton performing the poems of Arlen Riley Wilson, an interview of Rasa by Olley explaining the background of the RAW Trust and how Rasa came to know RAW, Daisy Campbell on her new Cosmic Trigger the Play book, Claudia Bolton as Eris, Tom Baker in performance of a song from the play, Christina Pearson on growing up in RAW's family, and (maybe most exciting of all for us Americans who missed out) performances from the play by Oliver Senton and Kate Alderton. So much good stuff, sorry if I missed anyone. 

Robert Anton Wilson (Oliver Senton) takes a call from Timothy Leary to explain that he's not dead as Arlen Riley Wilson (Kate Alderton) looks on.