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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Oz Fritz on 'The Starseed Signals'


Oz Fritz has an interesting post up that discusses The Starseed Signals. 

Here are a few sentences which I hope will give you the idea:

"The subtitle of this book, Link Between Worlds, ostensibly indicates the link between Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson yet this subtitle covers broad territory.  As a student of Magick, I took great interest in the presentation of Wilson's research into Aleister Crowley and how that connects with the Starseed subject matter.  

"Naturally, The Starseed Signals transmits multiple signals.  One could consider it a frequently modulating carrier wave like a radio or television (tell a vision) station. The root of signals = signs.  Cabala describes a complex lexicon of signs (semiotics) and we know that RAW availed himself of this method.  I agree with Eric Wagner when he states in his Insider's Guide that one can find Cabala in all of RAW's books, this new find doesn't make an exception.  The praxis of Cabala also opens links between worlds." 

Oz also has an interesting observation about the first and last words of the text, something I admit I didn't notice.


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Thanks for posting this, Tom.