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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Only Maybe Arts Lab is moving

The Only Maybe Arts Lab, the discussion area/BBS Bobby Campbell set up in conjunction with his Maybe Day project, has moved to a new location at (see above). 

"Hey everybody!

"Just a quick note that the OM ARTS LAB will be picking up sticks and moving over to the Principia Discordia forum.

"The fine folks over at PD have offered a space to host this project, which I hope will be mutually beneficial, and serve as a launch pad for all new all different trajectories :)))

"Even when first setting this space up it felt a bit like reinventing wheel, in terms of the PD forums being a still active and entirely wonderful Discordian bbs, but since I was setting the Maybe Day stuff up on a deadline, and wasn't sure how they would feel about my using their forum for my weirding ways and means, went ahead and opened up this somewhat redundant platform.

"Since all the hoopla surrounding Maybe Day has gone dormant, and this space has been mostly unused, I figured it would be a good time to consolidate Discordian energies over at PD.

"This forum will self-destruct."

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