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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

An early review of 'The Starseed Signals' at RAW Semantics

I have stuck to my plan to read The Starseed Signals one chapter at a time, so it will be a little while before I finish the book. Brian Dean at RAW Semantics, however, has already read the whole book and has written a blog post discussing some of the highlights of the book. 

He picks out many highlights. I am having trouble extracting a nut graph that summarizes his review, but perhaps his most significant sentence is this: "I intended reading only part of ‘Starseed’ over the weekend, but I read it all." 

It's not a perfect book so far for me, but it is an interesting one that is giving me a lot to think about and which has many wonderful passages that are finally seeing the light of day after being hidden for decades. So I'll just send you over to Brian's review as I continue to read the book myself. 


Hugh said...

Since we all seem to be binging on Leary rn, anyone heard his spoken word tune, “You can be anyone this time around”? I love it. It’s become something of a mantra.

Hugh said...

Is there a story behind RAW’s little eye in the triangle man? Or is it just a random doodle of his that took?

Rasa said...

Hey Hugh, the little guy was named Lumi. I wrote up a rap about him on this page: