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Friday, August 28, 2020

Patricia Monaghan on 'Physics and Grief'

Patricia Monaghan

I recently acquired a copy of Patricia Monaghan's Pushcart Prize-winning piece about dealing with her grief over the death of Robert Shea, "Physics and Grief." You should read it (available at the link). It's a remarkable piece of writing, and you'll learn about Shea, and also learn what a good writer Monaghan was. While it serves as a requiem for Shea, I'm sure it must help Monaghan's friends deal with their loss., too Monaghan died in 2012. I am determined to find time to read more of her work. 

Interestingly, Monaghan explains her opinion that Shea "had more integrity than any person I'd ever met. That integrity remained to the end. He met his death with his long-held beliefs intact. He was frightened, but he was very, very brave."

You can read about Monaghan on Wikipedia, and also visit her official website, maintained by her husband, Dr. Michael McDermott, in much the same fashion that Mike Shea maintains the Robert Shea website.

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