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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Daisy Campbell teaching class on writing for the stage

Daisy Campbell is teaching a five-week course. "Get Your Show Written." The Cockpit Theatre class, priced at £95, is set for dates in September and October and already is sold out, but a follow-up class also is planned. 

"So if you too are struggling with a part-written show, or would like to try your hand at writing a show for the first time - this is the course for you! Perhaps this invitation is just the kick up the backside you've been praying for...?" Daisy writes.

Within hours, before I could even get this notice posted, Daisy wrote on Twitter, "OK this course is SOLD OUT but we are getting a second one set up to run concurrently, Watch this space xx." So if you missed the chance to take her class, watch her Twitter account.

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