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Friday, August 21, 2020

Patreon news

Prop Anon, author of an upcoming RAW biography, has created a Patreon account. On Twitter, Prop explains, "Thru here I will release some real kool RAW related interviews with some of the great minds he inspired to those willing to listen. Stuff like this and more.

"Please consider giving me some money. I'll pray for ya."

Prop is hoping to have an announcement soon on his Robert Anton Wilson book, and I will report any news here. Prop also has just endorsed the new edition of Eric Wagner's Insider's Guide to Robert Anton Wilson, see the comments to this post

Prop is not the only member of the RAW community on Patreon; you can also use Patreon to provide tangible support for Bobby Campbell and for Steve Fly aka Steve Pratt. 

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Prop Anon said...

Very Kind of you to post this Tom