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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Mark Frauenfelder launches a newsletter

I've been a loyal fan for years of Mark Frauenfelder, the co-founder of the Boing Boing fanzine/magazine/website and also a writer, artist, arbiter of coolness, etc., and I've supported many of his ventures. 

Mark is a longtime Robert Anton Wilson fan, although I didn't know that at first when I started buying Boing Boing magazine many years ago and then signed up for a subscription. The first issue of Boing Boing had an interview with RAW by Frauenfelder and his wife, Carla Sinclair.  The Boing Boing website has run quite a bit of material on RAW. I was once so upset at not getting an issue of the magazine for several months that I called the listed phone number and talked to a young woman who explained that "Mark" had been busy working on a Billy Idol album. I think my informant was Carla but I was too shy to ask.

Anyway, Mark has now joined the latest fad for pundits and journalists, launching a paid newsletter. Mark's is called The Magnet. "I write about tips I find useful, things that interest me, what I’ve learned, interviews, recipes, quotations, and more. I also include excerpts from my favorite newsletters," Mark explains.

The first issue and the second issue are free, but to get all of them you have to pay a subscription fee of $50 a year; for a "limited time" you can get 40 percent off (e.g. $30 a year) at this link. I am an early adopter. 

See also Recomendo, the free newsletter Mark does with Kevin Kelly and Claudia Dawson, which I eagerly check every Sunday morning. 

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