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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Two Oz Fritz interviews

Oz Fritz working with the band Achilles Wheel. Photo by John Taber.

Grammy Award winning sound engineer Oz Fritz, who frequently comments on this site, is featured in two recent podcasts, Oz announced on his blog.

The first is an appearance on the Jai Dev show. "The content of the interview weaves biographical information alongside a discussion of music and mysticism put into practical use and expression.  This gives a rare look into the mystical side of my  musical journey."

You can follow a streaming link from Oz' post, but it's also available as an Apple Podcast, including from Android apps that can access the Apple store; I've downloaded it to my Android phone using my Podkicker app, and I'll listen to it Monday, when I have a long commute to work. About an hour and a half long.

The other interview is for the Thursday with Xaxx show, and it's a video interview by life coach Paula Galindo, Mr. Fritz' girlfriend. "This interview largely concerns my approaches and uses to some of the spiritual technologies unleashed by E. J. Gold with a touch of  Crowley and Gurdjieff thrown in for good measure." Follow the link from Oz' post or go here; the interview starts at about 5:20.

Here is an Oz Fritz bio and interview from my blog.

1 comment:

Oz Fritz said...

Thank-you, Tom. The second interview mentions Cosmic Trigger, can't remember if I brought up RAW in the first one.