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Sunday, May 5, 2019

The news from table 23

Yesterday my wife and I were at an Associated Press news awards lunch in Columbus, Ohio, where I won a first place "best news writer" award, apparently for stories about the opioid crisis such as this one. 

I probably wouldn't have mentioned that here, except that I was quite amused when we showed up and I discovered that my newspaper (The Sandusky Register) was assigned to table number 23. (Ted Hand commented on Twitter, "Synchronicity is endless). Then again, Sandusky's original street design was laid out by a freemason to reproduce the masonic compass and square design, so perhaps it was appropriate I was assigned the Illuminatus! table.


Oz Fritz said...

Congratulations, Tom!

Branka Tesla said...

23 congratulations to you Tom on Cinco de Mayo day!

Rarebit Fiend said...

Congrats Tom!