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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Erik Davis 'High Weirdness' events in U.S. [UPDATED]

Announcement from Erik Davis on Twitter:

"New Yorkers!: I will be doing two HIGH WEIRDNESS events in mid June. Event 1: @morbidanatomy is sponsoring a lecture at Green-Wood on Monday 17."  Details here.
New York, Part 2. The second HIGH WEIRDNESS event will take place on Tuesday the 18th at the @AssemblageNYC Nomad. This book reading will be FREE but you need to rsvp with an access code here: ACCESS CODE: WEIRDNESS @ToddGailun


West Coast events were announced today by Erik:

"Angelenos: Two free HIGH WEIRDNESS events at the end of next week. I'll be reading at SKYLIGHT BOOKS Saturday the 8th at 5 pm. Sunday the 9th I will be doing a talk on weirdness at ZEBULON CAFE, also at 5. Books will be available at both."

"Bay Areans: I will be doing a book reading for HIGH WEIRDNESS at the famed CITY LIGHTS on Thursday JUNE 13, at 7pm. So happy to read there! I will do some other HW stuff later in the summer. @t3dy."

I'm sure the Cleveland event will be announced soon ....

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