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Sunday, May 26, 2019

The next reading group [UPDATED]

As we cruise through the second half of The Earth Will Shake, I wanted to raise the topic of continuing with a reading group for The Widow's Son, one of my favorite RAW books.

On the whole, I would prefer to simply read it, weighing in on the comments every week of course, but allowing someone else to take the lead. Would anyone be interested in being the guest blogger for the reading group?

Update: We have a volunteer! Gregory Arnott has offered to lead the reading group. After Gregory and I have had a chance to talk, I'll do a followup post on when we are likely to start, etc., and seek feedback.


Manic The Doodler said...

I was thinking of suggesting this one myself! Really enjoying The Earth Will Shake!

basheer said...

yes. i think that one's got most of the masonic secrets / initiation out in the open. infact, it looks like RAW got seriously schooled or initiated between his earlier books and this set of historical illuminati chronicles.

and by the way, fantastic blog.

Eric Wagner said...

10/22/2020 marks the Tim Leary centennial. Perhaps we could read something together to celebrate that.