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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Fiction recommendations

The Prometheus Award judging committee (on which I serve) is wrapping up work in choosing a slate of finalists; we'll announce the finalists in a press release (which I'll reprint here) and invite the members of the Libertarian Futurist Society to read the finalists and vote on a winner.

I won't discuss our deliberations, but I can talk about works of fiction I personally recommend. I've already written about Gnomon by Nick Harkaway and The Fractal Man by J. Neil Schulman; here are some other titles I liked.

All Systems Red, Martha Wells, first of the Murderbot Diaries series. About a security bot that calls itself a "murderbot" because of an unfortunate incident in its past.  It won the Hugo and Nebula for best novella, so apparently other folks liked it, too.

Causes of Separation, Travis Corcoran, very libertarian science fiction novel set on the Moon. Exciting and fun. It's a sequel to last year's winner, The Powers of the Earth, which you should read first.

Kingdom of the Wicked: Rules and Kingdom of the Wicked: Order, Helen Dale. Two-part novel alternative history novel, set in a Roman Empire which has undergone an industrial revolution, set in a Roman province where Pontius Pilate must preside over the trial of a Jewish holy man accused of terrorism. A really good work of fiction, with clever reworkings of many familiar New Testament stories.

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