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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Medical news: Genesis P-Orridge and Diana Trimble

From Jason Louv: "Genesis P-Orridge Needs Your Help"

As you likely know, Genesis P-Orridge has been battling leukemia for the last year. A few days ago, she was admitted to the hospital, as she was unable to breathe without oxygen. Gen's lungs have become blocked with fluid, which her doctors had previously attempted to remove with a suction needle. This failed, as the fluid has become too viscous and thick. Gen now needs to undergo full surgery to clean out her lungs—a serious and potentially life-threatening procedure.

Without Genesis, Magick.Me would not exist. She is my primary teacher—Genesis trained me in magick from the ages of 21 to 27, in the same manner and method that William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin trained her in magick in the 1970s. That is my primary lineage. Other important lineages were added later, as I trained in more systems, but this is where it all began. Because of Gen's investment of time and love in training me, Magick.Me now exists in the world.

More broadly, it is very likely that without Genesis, occulture and the widespread interest in magick simply wouldn't exist. Gen's decades-spanning work in liberating consciousness is why occulture exists as a social movement, rather than the activity of a few isolated individuals. That includes everything from creating industrial music in the early 1970s and championing acid house in the 1980s, to popularizing Austin Spare's sigil method, advancing Burroughs and Gysin's occult methods for breaking social control, and forming Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth to liberate magick from the British establishment and bring it to working class people around the world. These are all activities for which Gen already paid a high price, culminating with being forced into exile from Britain in 1991.

More here.

Meanwhile, R.U. Sirius has emailed out an appeal, "Please Help the Medical Fundraiser for MONDO 2k Cover girl, featured artist and contributor Diana Trimble"

Diana Trimble (some of you know her) was a contributor to several issues of MONDO 2000 magazine and appeared on the cover of issue #2 where she was also a featured subject. She is a brilliant vocalist and songwriter, an accomplished performer with international credits, an investigative journalist and prolific recording artist.

You can learn more about her  — and her recent hospitalization — on the GoFundMe page.

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