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Friday, March 15, 2019

Erik Davis followup

As a followup to the posting the other day on Erik Davis' new book, High Weirdness, Erik knows the old dissertation his book is based upon is out there, but hopes you'll wait for the book. In a comment to my post the other day, he wrote:

"Having labored on the revision of High Weirdness for at least as long as the dissertation took, I'd of course like to believe that my effort was worth it in a better book that is worth the wait.

"In terms of RAW I added material more than I removed it, and more importantly, smoothed the ideas and improved the lingo that carries them forward. The dissertation was like a sloppily wordy first draft with lots of secondary material crammed in, and without the cherry on the top of yummy prose.

"Caveat Downloador."

I plan to wait.

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Rarebit Fiend said...

I'm excited about the book- this and Higgs' guide to the 21st Century are oddly runner-ups to the nonfiction I am most excited about this year (any other year they'd be the main event): Steve Moore's posthumous "Selene: the Moon Goddess and the Cave Oracle"- also published by Strange Attractor/MIT Press. (John Higgs did work on Selene as the main editor, I believe.)

I would really recommend looking at Strange Attractor's catalog to the regular readers of the site if they haven't already. Guarantee you'll find at least one or two titles that you didn't know you needed. Their books are seemingly always interesting, nicely bound, and really beautiful. This year they also have a new selection of short fiction by David Tibet (I've gotten good classroom use out of "The Moons at Your Door"), a study of Machen (the one on Sax Rohmer is great), and another issue of their Journal coming out. Exciting stuff!