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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Burgess prize for 'Pigspurt' review

Jason Watkins (Twitter image). Congratulations to Mr. Watkins. 

Didn't get a chance to see Daisy Campbell's production of Pigspurt's Daughter because, for example, you couldn't afford to travel from the U.S. to Great Britain?

You can at least read an award-winning review of our Daisy's one-woman show. Jason Watkins, "a special needs teacher and tutor for pupils out of education based in Otley, West Yorkshire," has just won this year's Observer/Anthony Burgess prize for arts journalism. Read his article, published in the Guardian. 

The opening paragraph:

In naming his daughter after the Greek goddess of discord and misrule, maverick director/actor/playwright Ken Campbell gave her a lot to live up to. Pigspurt’s Daughter, a solo show by Daisy Eris Campbell to mark the 10th anniversary of her father’s death, is a window on a remarkable parent-child relationship bound by a love of logic-defying overstimulation and an aversion to anything routine or everyday.

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