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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Wednesday links

Young Orson Welles. 

New documentary on Orson Welles.

Butterfly Language launches Patreon. 

Andrew Yang, the UBI candidate. 

"Some moderate, common-sense proposals I don't expect any major candidate to endorse." From Bryan Caplan.

W.H. Auden on no-platforming Ezra Pound. "This incident is only one sign—there are other and far graver ones—that there was more truth than one would like to believe in Huey Long’s cynical observation that if fascism came to the United States it would be called Anti-fascism."


chas said...

Thanks for the Auden/Pound link.

Psuke said...

I found this via The Teeming Brain, and I think other RAW fans might also find it intereting. "Forbidden Histories", a new Youtube channel covering the way that the gistory of science and fhe history of beleif in the occult and paranormal are intertwined. Here's the introduction