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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Thursday links

Tyler Cowen (Creative Commons photo). 

Where the secret societies are. (Atlas Obscura, via Supergee).

Six antiwar demonstrations that got little coverage.

Missing Piece of Antikythera Mechanism Found.

Your brain on microdoses of psilocybin.

Fiction sales are dropping. 

Tyler Cowen on marijuana legalization, a May column.   Closer to my own opinion than the Cowen blog post I recently critiqued.  But I suspect actual policy in the U.S. may be closer to Cowen's ideal than he realizes; large sections of eastern Colorado, for example, have no pot stores at all, and residents have to drive a considerable distance to shop legally. I doubt there are any states in the U.S. where a retail marijuana store can open if a town doesn't want it; please correct me if I am wrong

Advice from Tyler Cowen: "You should re-read the best books; you should have hobbies that make you think more, and you should argue for what you think is correct, but also understand it’s likely that you’re wrong." Sounds a bit like RAW to me.

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