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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Saturday links

The Koch Brothers versus public libraries. This seems like a good way to make libertarians look bad. Hat tip, Supergee.

Classical stars pick their favorite Mozart piece.

Megan McArdle on dealing with trolls.  "I rushed to reassure her. 'Mom,' I said, 'I get death threats all the time. They never do anything about it.' "

Now we've lost Greg Lake. For progressive rock fans of a certain age, it's been a bad couple of years.

How white privilege explains Trump.  " But no matter what you think, there’s no doubt that a lot of people—no matter what their ethnic, family, or socioeconomic backgrounds—are getting tired of being told their success is undeserved. They feel like they played by the rules, worked hard, saved their money, and created opportunities for their families and their communities. Regardless of who they are, you can’t make them be ashamed of that."

Are libertarian Democrats making a comeback?  Related, libertarian Jason Kuznicki becomes a Democrat. 


fyreflye said...

I'm happy to report that cerulean blue Sonoma County, after eight long years of closed on Mondays libraries, approved a tax measure in November to reopen them and fund other necessary improvements in the system. Without public libraries the country would be even dumber than it is. Which is just what the Koch brothers want.

michael said...

When I read "Libertarians" I note a vast range of thought.

I always thought the Koch Bros were horrible assholes. ridiculously rich fascists, born on 3rd base and bent on punishing anyone else who wasn' the name of some selfish ideology. But to me they are not the face of the Libertarians. They're merely one face among many.

When an ideology has no regard for the commons: fuck them. You can have 'em.

Now that they're going after one of my true lifelong loves - public libraries? - I feel nothing but hate for them.