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Sunday, November 1, 2015

New Jack Parsons miniseries planned

Jack Parsons

From Indiewire, news on the new Jack Parsons miniseries coming from Ridley Scott. 

Hat tip, Scott Swiecki at Robert Anton Wilson Fans on Facebook.


Unknown said...

Looking forward to this.

I've just got done reading a couple biographies on Parsons, and was thinking about what a great feature film someone could make of his life.

A mini-series could be cool, too.

Since it's Ridley Scott, I'm not going to get overly excited. he's a great director, but he generally has a lot of fantastic-sounding projects that never come to fruition.

He was the man who was finally going to bring "Blood Meridian" to the big screen and it never happened...

Anonymous said...

I heard that Stan Lee owns it all now because of a Marvel technicality. That is the rumour.