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Sunday, November 15, 2015

My reaction to Paris

I agree with this Tweet. Also, resisting the impulse to drop even more bombs in Muslim countries. My own modest proposal is that we quit dropping bombs and stop making war over there.


Anonymous said...

ÈThe most important reaction to a terror attack is to resist the impulse to turn society into a police state in response.È

I submit that only the state can be turned into a police state. Society cannot. Martial Law might make this small point of loose fact (I think) i have moot. Enough of it for long, done well, can create a police society on the material plane.

(This was already achieved on some plane, in some sense, by Bruce Willis and Clint Eastwood. In a series of AV rites involving pistols and sardonic celluloid grins. I dont have many details. Occult Hollywood stuff. action-movies, or action-film, I believe* Psst! You need Netflix....dont say I told you all)

piphany, Every man and woman is their own Kindergarten Cop!
Emperor Norton to Arnold. Obama and Beyond.
Aeon of Horus upon us. Within us.
Shin e

tony smyth said...

H'mm though I'm generally against violence And think a lot of the problems in the Middle East are caused by the Americans (see research by british journalist Naafez Ahmed)and their poodle dog Blair, the fact is that ISIL have escalated things by a number of notches by downing the Russian airliner and now this. These people can not be reasoned with. Therefore a coalition of Turkey, NATO, the US, The Kurds an the Iraqs should band togther and invade ISIL territory. Thats the only thing that will substantially weaken them. The aim of these people is maximum casualties and terror. Time to fight like with like. Time to stomp very hard.