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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Arthur Hlavaty's conspiracy theories

James McCord

I don't mean to turn this blog into a reprint blog for Arthur Hlavaty's best postings, but this is too good not to share: 

Fred Thompson’s death is reminding people that he was the one who asked the question that revealed Nixon’s secret tapes. I loved conspiracy theories even before Illuminatus!, and that’s one of the two things I still wonder about:

1. I still suspect that when James McCord botched the Watergate break-in, letting the burglars get caught, he was acting as a loyal CIA operative.

2. Thompson’s question came from a staffer interview with Alexander Butterfield, which to me reads like this:
Staffer: Blablabla
Butterfield: That comes from the secret taping system.
Staffer: Yes, but blablaba.
Butterfield: OMG, I accidentally revealed the existence of the secret taping system that you’re not supposed to know about!
Staffer: Oh! What about the secret taping system?

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