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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Robert A. Heinlein

Today, a national holiday devoted to gratitude, I am thankful for the friends I've made through this blog and the many gestures of kindness and support from its readers.

I am certainly thankful, also, for the literary culture of the modern world that offers readers many fine writers; I read a lot of Robert Anton Wilson, many of the authors he admired, and many others he likely did not read or had even heard of. There are many more good writers than anyone can keep up with. One writer I know he did like was the science fiction writer Robert Heinlein. The famous SF writer Theodore Sturgeon certainly was thankful for Heinlein's friendship; here's a wonderful anecdote.  (Via Justin Raimondo on Twitter.)

Sturgeon, by the way, was a RAW fan. 

Bonus: Check out Arthur Hlavaty's Thanksgiving message.

And here's a piece on the importance of gratitude to happiness.  


Eric Wagner said...

Terrific Sturgeon letter. Phil Dick told a similar story about Bob Heinlein helping him out in the intro to "The Golden Man".

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