Wednesday, November 25, 2015

RAW on why antiwar sentiment toward U.S. foreign policy makes sense

Chad Nelson

If you want a dose of Robert Anton Wilson's antiwar thoughts these days, as the world seems to be becoming more violent and dangerous, Chad Nelson has a pointer. He has a new posting up at the Center for a Stateless Society, "Robert Anton Wilson on Blowback, Anarchy, and Optimism." I listened to the 15-minute clip of a RAW interview he pointed to as I started my day. As Chad writes, "Among the topics discussed in this segment: 9/11 and Pearl Harbor as blowback from American Empire; the 'despised' (aka revisionist) historians Wilson was warned by high school teachers not to read (Harry Elmer Barnes, Charles Beard and James J. Martin); libertarianism, anarchism and contract-based societies; Wilson’s favorite anarchist influences (Tucker, Tolstoy and Kropotkin); globalization, corporatization and the transformative potential of the internet; and how Wilson remains optimistic despite never-ending war."

For more on the revisionist historians that RAW and Chad mention, see Jeff Riggenbach's Why American History is Not What They Say.