Friday, May 22, 2015

Only 38 more times for me to go!

Eric Wagner

An email in March from Eric Wagner, which I forgot to post until now:

"On pg. 151 of my book during the interview I mention that Pound recommended reading forty books by Henry James to help one’s prose style. Bob replied, “Uh-huh. I’d say, Read Ulysses forty times.”

Eric's book that he mentions is An Insider's Guide to Robert Anton Wilson, which I'll probably re-read when I finish the Illuminatus! online reading group entries. The book includes an Illuminatus! timeline, useful in sorting out the complicated plot.  Looks like I need to read Ulysses again, too.

Eric's book is put out by New Falcon, which has a big sale on RAW's books going on.  Eric's book is also on sale; the Kindle is only $5.


Eric Wagner said...

Thanks for the mention and for using the great photo of Debbie and I. Do you plan to start a _Pale Fire_ study group after we finish _Illuminatus!_?

fyreflye said...

Absolutely would love a Pale Fire study group. A much better piece of delusional paranoia than The Turn of the Screw.

fuzzbuddy said...

Tom, do you know which publisher/website currently sells Illuminatus! ? I found The New Inquisition quite hard to find new recently/ very expensive in many places.

fyreflye said...


Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

@fuzzbuddy: The last time I looked, cheap used copies of Illuminatus! were still available. As for other works, there is need for more of them to become available as inexpensive ebooks.

@eric, I'd like to do a Pale Fire study group, although probably not right away after finishing Illuminatus. I need to devote a little time to getting another project started.

fuzzbuddy said...

Thanks fyreflye, looks like the price has become more reasonable again.
Agreed Tom, well edited e-books sound like a good step forward.