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Thursday, June 6, 2024

Serious cryonics research is still taking place

Laura Deming (Twitter account photo)

Many of you have read the first Cosmic Trigger book, which ends tragically with the death of Robert Anton Wilson's daughter, Luna. Friends of Wilson who are members of the Bay Area Cryonics Society arrange to have Luna's brain frozen, in hopes that she might be revived someday. 

I don't see a lot of news coverage about the topic of cryonics, but the other day I did see a Bloomberg article, "Startup Brings New Hope to the Pursuit of Reviving Frozen Bodies."  

The article, written by prominent tech journalist and author Ashlee Vance, focuses on technology investor and scientist Laura Deming and her new company. 

"On Monday, Deming plans to unveil Cradle Healthcare Co., which she’s been running in secret for the past three years. The company’s focus is on trying to develop technology around reversible cryonics, placing people with illnesses into a frozen state and then reviving them at some stage in the future when cures for their ailments have arrived.

"Researchers and companies have pursued cryonics for decades, but the practice still requires numerous breakthroughs to have any hope of reaching mainstream use. Deming’s bet is that there’s much to discover around how cryonics and rewarming can work and that Cradle can turn the tech into a real thing."

More at the link. 

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Eric Wagner said...

When asked sixty years ago why so few people seemed interested in cryogenics, physicist Ettinger replied, "Many are cold, but few are frozen."