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Saturday, June 8, 2024

The original Sacred Chao


Grouchogandhi, K.S.P. continues to post interesting documents from the Discordian Archives on X, and I thought I would share one of them. Here is the caption:

"The Original Sacred Chao (OSC).

"Detail from Page 00003 of a letter from Kerry Thornley to Greg Hill proposing the Discordian Sacred Chao. Dated February 2, 1964.

"Courtesy of the Discordian Archives."

Link to the document in question.

From Illuminatus!

"The JAMs, however, had a symbol that anyone could understand, and, just as Harry Pierpont showed it to John Dillinger midway through a nutmeg high in Michigan City prison, Dr. Ignotius showed it to Joe midway through his first acid trip.

"This," he said dramatically, "is the Sacred Chao."

See page 279 of the original Dell paperback of The Eye in the Pyramid (price, $1.50) for a full explanation. 

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