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Friday, June 7, 2024

A setback for psychedelic treatment

Ecstasy tablets which may contain MDMA. (Public domain photo). 

Given Robert Anton Wilson's interest in research into the beneficial use of psychedelics, I thought I would share some news: An FDA advisory panel has recommended against the use of MDMA for therapy in the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder. That came despite results that seemed to show it worked well. The full agency is expected to uphold the panel's recommendation.

Here is the account in the New York Times. and here is the report by the always-useful Jacob Sullum. 

UPDATE: Alex Tabarrok on why the decision was wrong. 

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quackenbush said...

MAPS (and Doblin in particular, it seems) is not without shadow, but they should be commended in all their work in this area. I see this as a huge setback. The reasoning given made it clear this was purely a political maneuver. Given the recent softening in Cannabis scheduling (conveniently tied with the election cycle), I found this recommendation surprising.