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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Mark Frauenfelder's book recommendation

In the latest issue of his newsletter, "The Magnet," Mark Frauenfelder provides a book recommendation, and I think you'll see why I'm quoting it here:

"I wrote about Scott Snibbe’s book in one of my other newsletters, "Book Freak." How to Train a Happy Mind: A Skeptic’s Path to Enlightenment, is about analytical meditation, which I didn’t know about. I’m more familiar with passive imagination, where you focus on breathing as a way to calm the mind. But analytical meditation is a way to change the mind. As my friend David (who is also reading Snibbe’s book) told me, the different meditations in the book remind him of exercises that Robert Anton Wilson might have shared in the books he wrote in the 1980s, like Prometheus Rising. I’ve only been doing them for a few weeks, but they have already helped me think about the world, and my own mind, in new ways." 


tony smyth said...

That Guardian article on NLP was awful. Yes I know its an old one.Bandlers kind of his own worst enemy, though hes mellowed a lot since then, as witnessed by the video you linked yesterday. This Guardian ournalist does his best to put down NLP, then ends by saying hes glad it exists as it worked on him! Which is it punk?
Ah well

Lvx15 said...

It was by Jon Ronson and is in his typical style… so maybe don’t read The Men Who Stare at Goats or The Psychopath Test, but I enjoyed both.