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Saturday, June 1, 2024

Standard Ebooks releases 'Ulysses'

Standard Ebooks has announced that it has released Ulysses by James Joyce as its 1000th book.

If you aren't familiar with the organization, Standard Ebooks is a volunteer driven group which releases what are meant as definitive editions of public domain books. 

"Ebook projects like Project Gutenberg transcribe ebooks and make them available for the widest number of reading devices. Standard Ebooks takes ebooks from sources like Project Gutenberg, formats and typesets them using a carefully designed and professional-grade style manual, fully proofreads and corrects them, and then builds them to create a new edition that takes advantage of state-of-the-art ereader and browser technology."

An Insider's Guide to Robert Anton Wilson by Eric Wagner says that RAW told him to read Ulysses 40 times. Eric writes that he has read it 12 times. I've only read it about three times. 

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