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Friday, June 14, 2024

Bobby Campbell illustrates the five stages of Illuminati history

Bobby Campbell 

Bobby Campbell has created a new gif, I think probably as part of his Tales of Illuminati project. I am having trouble saving the gif for some reason, but if you have an X account, please follow the link and look at it. 

Bobby's caption: "Rough draft of the five Discordian seasons or stages of society. I couldn't find pre-existing designs for this stuff, which surprised me, so I took a crack at it :)))"

In Appendix Gimmel of Illuminatus!, the five stages are given as the "Illuminati Theory of History." However, the "facts" on the origins of the theory given at the beginning of the piece refer to Adam Weishaupt reading the Necronomicon, "experimenting with a new strain of Alamount black," importing peyote from Mexico, etc., so the impression one gets is that the five stages emerged from the brain of one particular Discordian, Robert Anton Wilson. Does anyone have any background information on whether elements of the five stages came from anyone else? 

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