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Sunday, June 30, 2024

A look back at Mondo 2000

Via the Mindplex podcast, a video of covers, articles and covers from Mondo 2000, "including Deborah Harry, Reese Witherspoon, Todd Rundgren, David Byrne, Timothy Leary, Neil Young and William Gibson." I missed Reese, but isn't that David Byrne, and wasn't one of the articles by Robert Anton Wilson? Music by Mondo Vanilli.  More information here. 

Full podcast with R.U. Sirius. 

If this video makes the magazine seem interesting, see the archive at the Internet Archive. See also the Mondo 2000 History Project.   And here is an archive of bOING bOING magazine. 

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RUSirius said...

Bob had a few columns with us. David Byrne was interviewed by Timothy Leary. This is a fun video!