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Wednesday, June 19, 2024



1. 10 Best Murder Mysteries That Need a Movie Adaptation.  The Illuminatus! trilogy is number one on the list. "The book was originally released as three separate entries in the mid-1970s and then compiled into an epic tome in 1984, which was probably not a coincidence. The story is creatively told through first and third-person accounts, often drifting into a stream of consciousness, but is entirely entertaining as it pulls together secret societies, religious dogma, and ancient mythology."

2. List of best books about conspiracies on Ranker. As I write this, Ong's Hat: The Beginning by Joseph Matheny is ranked number one. 

3. 10 Trippiest Sci-Fi Books of All Time: Journey Through Mind-Bending Universes.  Lots of Philip K. Dick here, but also  the Illuminatus! trilogy. 

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