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Monday, June 24, 2024

Talk radio host Zo Williams talks about RAW


Zo Williams is a talk radio host on KBLA-AM in Los Angeles; his show also is available as a podcast and I assume on radio apps. He is also a big Robert Anton Wilson fan, apparently. Here is the blurb for the show from his radio station, which is aimed at a Black audience: "Fans have dubbed Zo Williams 'Tupac meets Deepak' or 'The Hip Hop Dr. Phil.' Zo brings a thoughtful and unique perspective to relationships, religion, spirituality, social systems and more."  

A recent show is entitled, "Maybe Logic": "You can't BS the BS-er! A deeper look at limitations on certainty and Robert Anton Wilson's thoughts on the illusion of Is-ness," a show title which of course puns on RAW's discussions about "belief systems." Show available here and also likely on your favorite podcasting app. 

During the show, Mr. Williams plays clips of RAW and other people, talks to his audience and takes calls from fans across the country. Most of the callers appear to be unfamiliar with RAW but Williams persists, explaining the concept of "reality tunnels" again and again. Williams also mentions that he's particularly a fan of Prometheus Rising and Quantum Psychology. 

Just guessing, but I think RAW would have been fascinated by this adaptation of his philosophy.

Zo Williams also writes books about dealing with relationship issues. 

Hat tip, Nick Helweg-Larsen.

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