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Thursday, June 20, 2024

John Higgs and William Blake's cottage

 In his latest newsletter, John Higgs visits William Blake's cottage and gets involved in efforts to save it: 

"I fulfilled a long-standing ambition this month - I got to go inside William Blake’s cottage in Felpham, on the Sussex coast. It’s a building that holds a very special place in the Blake story, as it was here he started to write what became the hymn "Jerusalem" and here that he defined England as ‘that green and pleasant land’.

"It was a day of mixed emotions. I knew before I went that the cottage was in dire need of repair, but seeing first hand the state it was in brought home how urgently work is needed, before the next winter storm. It is propped up inside by supports and - most urgently - desperately needs a new roof."

Also, among other news, an update on the American edition finally coming out of the KLF book:

"It’s lovely to report that THE KLF: CHAOS, MAGIC, AND THE BAND WHO BURNED A MILLION POUNDS will be published in the US and Canada on 9th July. It’s a tense year in America and you have to wonder what sort of reaction a book like that will receive at this particular time. Only one way to find out, I guess! Pre-order the paperback, audiobook or ebook here, or from your favourite stockists."

More here. 

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