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Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Update of sorts on 'Illuminatus!" TV series

Back in 2019, I posted the news that an Illuminatus! TV series was in the works. Not much has been announced since then.  

Rasa was asked about this on Facebook recently and replied, "That particular deal they mention in that news story fell apart, but there is still an option out on Illuminatus!, so something may yet come together."

There's more discussion at the link. 

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Anonymous said...

Sad to hear, but... that's Hollywood! I remember even Rudy Rucker having a few books optioned by well known directors with fancy actors attached that ultimately fell apart. And, even William Gibson, who did get films made, had to suffer through low quality interpretations of his work. In the end, all we got was amped up FX blowouts barely skimming the surface of ideas in such films like The Matrix, etc. (And, jeez louise, let us pray to Eris that no Terrence McKenna biopic is ever made... with or without Jim Carey. Yikes!)
I suspect that Pope Bob would rather we relish his ideas via his books, since he's not around to cash any Hollywood paychecks. Besides, Hollywood HAS left us with some truly astoundingly deep films and filmmakers to cherish between Bob's books. (Which, of course, Bob wrote about in his books. Hell, one could literally be completely satisfied never seeing any film ever again after seeing Orson Welles' entire filmography!)