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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

English university to offer graduate degree in magick

Reed Hall at the University of Exeter (public domain photo by Benjamin Evans, source.)

 From the New York Times: 

"In the ancient city of Exeter, three women were hanged for practicing witchcraft in the late 17th century, the last of such executions in England. Now, merely a short walk from where the hangings occurred, the University of Exeter will offer a postgraduate degree in magic and occult science, which the school says is the first of its kind at a British university.

"Prof. Emily Selove, the head of the new program and an associate professor in medieval Arabic literature, said the idea for the degree, which will be offered starting in September 2024, came out of the recent surge in interest in the history of witchcraft and a desire to create a space where research on magic could be studied across academic fields.

"Coursework will include the study of Western dragons in lore, literature and art; archaeology theory; the depiction of women in the Middle Ages; the practice of deception and illusion; and the philosophy of psychedelics. Through the lenses of Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions, lecturers will explore how magic has influenced society and science."

More here. 

Emily Selove also is an expert in medieval Arabic literature and magick.  Contact her, I guess, if a new edition of the Necronomicon is found. 

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