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Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Prop Anon interviews Noah23 [UPDATED]

Noah23 has released several albums this year, but he describes this one as his major release. 

Prop Anon has revived his podcast series with two new podcasts.

One is an interview with rapper Noah23, the Canadian rapper influenced by Robert Anton Wilson. The interview is about 23 minutes long. Most of the discussion is about music, but I had previously reported that Noah23 has faced legal woes, and in the interview, Noah23 reveals that's behind him, the charges have been dropped. I listened to the podcast and enjoyed it; Prop had turned me on to Noah23's music. After I listened to the podcast, I bought Noah23's  Tank Girl album on Bandcamp, the album released on Maybe Day this year (I like the tune "Tiger Cage," featured on the podcast.)

Here is Noah23's Bandcamp page, which has many of his albums. Noah 23 also has many albums on Hoopla Digital, the streaming service which most U.S. citizens can access with a library card from their local library, and  you should be able to find him on any of the commercial music streaming services.

Prop also has released a podcast interview with John Crawley. Here is the description: "In this episode I speak with author, John Crawley about his book The Yank: The True Story of a former U.S. Marine in the Irish Republican Army. John joined the IRA in 1980 just as 'the Troubles' was about to enter its 'long war' period."

I've included links to the podcasts, but you should also be able to get them at many podcasting apps; on mine, I had to put in the URL for the RSS feed, which you can get at the links I provided. 

UPDATE: I learned about the podcasts from Prop's newsletter. I did not have the URL for the newsletter when I wrote the post, but now I have the link. 


Prop Anon said...

Thanks for the Props Tom!
I've included the link to this month's newsletter for those who'd like to read it.

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

Thanks, Prop. I could not find the link, or I would have included it in the post.