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Thursday, October 12, 2023

Matt Cardin cites RAW

Matt Cardin (from his official website)

Writer Matt Cardin, mentioned before at this site,  cited RAW in a posting on X, hat tip Charles Faris:

I hold the whole matter of the daimon muse or inner genius—which I talk about and write about all the time—in a permanent liminal hyperspace.

Our epistemic position makes it flatly impossible for us to know the literal truth or untruth of the daimon muse hypothesis. Robert Anton Wilson's stance of model agnosticism pointedly applies to this matter. 

What we can know for sure is that there is incontrovertibly the sense of another intelligence accompanying our ego self and rational mind "from behind." In other words, the sense of it is definitely real and not in question. Any interpretations we apply to this, whether in terms of the "unconscious," the "daemon," or anything else, are only that: interpretations. The datum of the experience itself remains primary.

Not tangentially, this same impossibility of final certainty applies to any and all totalizing interpretations that we place on ourselves, the world, and reality as a whole. As a matter of self-evident truth, we can never stand apart from our subjectivity, our first-personhood, to comment with objective finality on any of this.

Or rather, and to say the same thing differently and more deeply: The only final stance is one of truly absolute objectivity, from which position the entirety of the cosmic drama, including both its subjective and objective realms or aspects, is all a collective wave pulse of mere appearances. Our own creativity, consisting of the dream of being a separate self that exists in perpetual relationship with a personal creative daemon, occurs within and as a component of that.

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