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Friday, October 27, 2023

Halloween roundup

H.P. Lovecraft (public domain photo).

(1) From Matt Cardin on X/Twitter:

"For Halloween here are 7 of my most popular posts on horror, sewn into a thread for your seasonal enjoyment.

Topics include:

> Lovecraft

> Thomas Ligotti

> religion & horror

> Cormac McCarthy

> Algernon Blackwood

> vampires & religion

> Stephen King & Robert Louis Stevenson."

I've tried to avoid linking to X posts here, as only people with an X account can read them, but I don't see a way around that here. Of course you can register an account to read the posts and you don't have to otherwise be active. 

(2) My wife and I have been listening to the first season of The Lovecraft Investigations podcast, we are really enjoying them; has anyone else tried them besides Rarebit Fiend (who commented on my recent post.)  The modern updating of Lovecraft and the references to Aleister Crowley and other figures is a bit reminiscent of Illuminatus!, or so it seems to me. Does anyone know if the show's creator, Julian Simpson, is influenced by RAW?

(3) Richard Karzynski, the author of Perdurabo (the Crowley biography) has a page on his official website devoted  to his Halloween pumpkin art.  The images are copyrighted and I can't reproduce them, but go check out the page. 

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Anonymous said...

Re: The Lovecraft Investigations. I haven't listened to them yet but have been working through some of the other Julian Simpson stuff. Mythos is a wonderful 3-part snarky paranormal radio drama.