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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

New book on UBI

Robert Anton Wilson, who sometimes described himself as a libertarian who didn't hate poor people, was quite interested in the UBI, or the Universal Basic Income, the idea that the government would guarantee a certain level of income for everyone, largely  replacing other welfare programs.

There's a new book out about the UBI: Universal Basic Income: What Everyone Needs to Know, by Matt Zwolinksi and Miranda Perry Fletcher. It's endorsed by UBI proponent Andrew Yang: "A complete, thorough, and practical breakdown of UBI. Whether you're a supporter or a skeptic, Zwolinski and Fleischer's work is a must-read." 

Here is an excerpt on the difference between the UBI and a negative income tax (another idea RAW was interested in). Also from the book: Four arguments against a UBI,  and here are six arguments for a UBI. 

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quackenbush said...

I started going down bitcoin rabbit holes before COVID. With all that, I started going down macroeconomic rabbit holes which led to commodity rabbit holes. After all that, I want to remain open to UBI in the "Free market of ideas" but I'm basically convinced that this is a terrible solution to a problem we don't have.

We are a long way away from the collapse of employment from automation (and AI) and I now suspect it's a complete non-issue.

UBI will not solve the inequity problem and will simply lead to price inflation.