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Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Articles: Richard Powers, Gene Wolfe, Don Dixon, Chris Diffords, Chris Frantz

Don Dixon, music producer and musician, and his wife, singer Marti Jones. (Courtesy Don Dixon).

One of the cool things about being a newspaper reporter is that if I am interested in a writer or a musician, I sometimes get to interview that person. Perhaps some of you would be interested in them, too; I should probably mention my Sandusky Register articles a bit more often.

Here is my 2014 interview with novelist Richard Powers (I was prompted by his novel about classical music, Orfeo, but he is probably better known for The Overstory, The Echo Maker and The Gold Bug Variations.) 

Here is my 2015 interview with writer Gene Wolfe (The Book of the New Sun, etc.). 

Musician Don Dixon co-produced the first two REM albums and has worked with any other musicians; I wrote an article about him this year after a long interview. 

I snagged an interview with Chris Frantz (Talking Heads drummer) when he issued his memoir in 2020. 

My 2018 piece about Chris Diffords, after his book came out. I picked 10 of my favorite Squeeze songs and asked him to comment on them. 

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Anonymous said...

Bands like Squeeze, Ian Dury's Blockheads, Elvis Costello and the like takes me back to my teens. Emotional stories captured in 7 inch disks. I remember being tickled by the pink vinyl of Cool for Cats (Squeeze). Staring at it in the record shop with delight. Kids would bring coloured vinyl disks into school and they'd say - hey, look at this. You'd expect black vinyl from the sleeve then everyone would smile when they took out a bright coloured disk. I had a Poison Girls album in clear vinyl once, long since lost.
I like the novelty ending to the interview with Diffords.
Iain Spence