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Saturday, October 14, 2023

H.P. Lovecraft podcast series from the BBC

It seems appropriate for the Halloween season to note that the BBC is doing a critically-praised  HP Lovecraft podcast series, The Lovecraft Investigations,  and that a new season has just dropped.

Living in the U.S., I don't keep up with the BBC, I guess, as I had not heard of the series until I saw this post on X today from Sitting Now: "For those who haven’t listened to the BBC’s ‘The Lovecraft Investigations’ go and do so now, because out of nowhere Season 4 is about to drop. SUPER excited. This is so sooo good."

As I discovered via Wikipedia, each season is based upon modernizing a classic Lovecraft work, and the podcast has won a great deal of praise. Some details via Wikipedia:

"The story is a modernization of the original Lovecraft works, set around the same time the podcast aired and presented as a podcast-within-a-podcast in which the two hosts of the Mystery Machine, a true crime podcast investigating cases related to the occult and conspiracy theories, stumble upon a case hiding a much larger mystery. It features a large voice cast led by Barnaby Kay and Jana Carpenter as the two podcasters, Matt Heawood and Kennedy Fisher.

"Each season of The Lovecraft Investigations is titled after, and mostly based on, one of Lovecraft's works, namely 1927's 'The Case of Charles Dexter Ward,' 1930's 'The Whisperer in Darkness,' and 1931's 'The Shadow over Innsmouth,' while creating an overarching story; it is also set within Simpson's Pleasant Green Universe of audio dramas."

The new season is based on "The Haunter of the Dark" (1936) and has just been released. Downloads can be made from the official website and probably from the other usual podcast apps. 

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Rarebit Fiend said...

I've listened to the first series, which was based on "Charles Dexter Ward," and I really enjoyed it. I haven't listened to any of the other series, but perhaps this would be a good time to revist them.