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Friday, October 20, 2023

Friday links

Meme on what RAW called the "Jumping Jesus Phenomenon." (Source).

 George Monbiot on observing the rules of war. I try to avoid being too "political" here, but I think a RAW blog can come out against killing civilians. Via RAW Semantics on Twitter.

I'll let Jesse Walker explain this link. "My favorite presidential candidate is in legal trouble for speech, just because he vilified some public servants. No, of course I don't mean Trump." (Jesse's X account.)

The Whole Earth Catalog is available online. 

High-ranking Tibetan Buddhist official lives in Ireland. 

Will Detroit go Georgist? (As in Henry George, who RAW was interested in). 

1 comment:

Brian Dean said...

When scanning through RAW's books yesterday for a reference I'd only half-remembered (for my next blog post) I noticed a section in which he says his interest lies in "lifestyle" rather than "politics" (then he quotes Leary on politics reducing to squabbling on all fours). But he writes about those "lifestyle" things in social/political contexts (as did Leary). Psychedelics, free speech, money, war, etc, etc.

"Political" in the sense we try to avoid it here seems to have a special meaning distinct from "political" in wider sense which affects so much (unless we're rich enough to cocoon ourselves - and then our being rich has political implications).

I see the first two items on your links list as equally "political". In fact, the second could be seen as more "political" in the sense we try to avoid (explicitly involving political candidates, personalities etc. The first link does, too, but much less so, in passing). Reason magazine has a lot of material I like, but I regard its stance as "political" in most cases. The mere use of the word "libertarian" also seems political to me. I feel relaxed with all this, and with political discussion in general, but I note that "being political" in a way we try to avoid often refers to someone else's web of political assumptions/connotations, not our own! (Same goes for me).