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Thursday, December 15, 2022

The Nook ebook for 'Natural Law' has been fixed

If you have held back from participating in the ongoing online reading group for Natural Law Or Don't Put a Rubber On Your Willy And Other Writings From A Natural Outlaw because you could not afford the trade paperback, I have some good news: A good, cheaper ebook version is finally available.

There is still no Kindle version because of weird copyright issues the Robert Anton Wilson Trust is still trying to sort out. (For more on this, see this blog post and Rasa's comment.) But now for about $9 you can buy a Nook ebook from Barnes and Noble, and read it on your cell phone or tablet using the Nook app.

As I wrote earlier, when I bought the Nook book some weeks ago, it would not display correctly on my phone, and I wound up having to ask Barnes and Noble for my money back. (I don't know if the file would have worked on the Nook reading tablet, which I don't own.) Rasa continued to work on the problem and finally got it fixed. I bought it again the other day, and it reads fine on my phone. I'm happy to now own both the paper book and the ebook, and to have a copy of the book I can carry on my phone. 

I hope the release of the corrected Nook ebook will make it possible for everyone to afford a copy of the book. 

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