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Friday, December 16, 2022

Hilaritas podcast on Claude Shannon is pretty good

The Hilaritas podcast on Claude Shannon, which I listened to yesterday, is a lot of fun and focuses on Shannon's quirky sense of humor. (I am sorry that his plans for his own funeral were not put into effect.) It features Shannon biographers Jimmy Soni and Rob Goodman; I am sure I will read their book, A Mind At Play. 

The next episode comes out soon -- Dec. 23 -- and will feature Oz Fritz on the use of magick in Robert Anton Wilson's fiction, so I'll be tuning in. 


quackenbush said...

That was one of my favorite interview, but the view count is at the lowest of all episodes (in part because it's the newest)

Hugh said...

The December podcast sounds incredible! Can’t wait to hear what’s covered.